China Too Cool, Culture & Aesthetics Analysis

Monster, Art Photography

SS17, Fashion Design & Photography

Yi Jing Fly


My passion is in discovering beauty and understanding society – learning about our broader human condition and cultural trends through the lens of visual culture and aesthetics. This stems from my background in fashion design, fine art and art history, as well as critical and visual studies. Currently working as a creative and brand strategist at a global design and branding agency. 

I was born in Shanghai, China, grew up in Singapore, and later fell in love with the aesthetics and cultures of Japan. All three places and cultures have deep importance in my heart and influence the kinds of questions I wish to explore with my work.

I join Bizhou and Dexi from Inner Chapter to discuss the aesthetics of 土味 Tu Wei (or 'too cool'), following their article 'Meme My Valentine: Balenciaga And The Aesthetics Of Tu Wei'.Wediscussamong other things, the nuances and weirdness of cross-cultural appropriation, what luxury advertising in China finds itself engaged with, and how the aesthetics of rural China straddle both a form of poverty voyeurism and lower-tier inspiration.

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